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Alex – the vote heard ’round the world

  • June 4, 2008 8:23 pm

I have been doing a lot of reading on my Treo which does not allow posting or commenting, well at least not easily, because of a security issue so it warns you about 10-12 times before letting you can get to the screen to post a comment. Many times I’ll start putting a comment and then it would erase it. sigh…

My last few posts were posts that I felt like I either needed to do (like Success Sunday) or because if I didn’t, I would forget a personal incident before I had a chance to blog about it.

What I lament the most about not blogging lately is being behind at making my readers aware of news in the autism community. If you are in the autism community then this is not news. But I found a comprehensive list of readings from 2 blogs to catch you up on Alex Barton. Remember that posts are listed in reverse chronological order so to get the full scoop you have to scroll to the bottom to read it in order. Thanks to Angela and Bev (and others) for your advocacy.

There are so many reasons why this bothers me. Maybe because I have an almost 5-year old. Maybe because I knew that I didn’t want to send him to kindergarten next year. Maybe because I’m so deluded by the blessings we have received from The Teacher and not the The Gymnast (the new gymnastics teacher). Shoot the blessings we have received from just about everyone I’ve come into contact with since the beginning. The blessings of early intervention. I shudder to think where we would be right now if we hadn’t had the privilege of having little angels looking over us.

I recently spoke to a family friend whose 8yo son has ASD and is mainstreamed. They are still having issues because he didn’t “show signs” until he was four. So now without proper therapy and funding this poor child (and parents) are having a much more difficult time with this than they should if they were only provided with the care. Much of which is denied because of lack of awareness by both the medical and school professionals.

One of the biggest concerns we have as parents of special needs children is for them to be accepted as who they are. To be understood, and not to be judged. We do not need teachers to teach bigotry in kindergarten. Who give 5 year olds the permission and the power to demean another child. Towards anyone, but especially those who cannot necessarily defend themselves. We trust our children to teachers for a large portion of the day…

It just makes me sad and angry. I’m glad I finally got to blog on this, even if it isn’t as nasty as I originally had it in my head.