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Success Sunday

  • August 10, 2008 11:22 am

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
–Thomas Edison

This is not the original quote that I was teasing you about in my last blogger post about it. But as I went to look it up to make sure I was quoting it correctly (which I wouldn’t have been), I stumbled across this one and it spoke to me as I’m trying to migrate over to wordpress. I’ve found a multitude of reasons why I should have listened to The Hub about starting in WordPress first as opposed to Blogger BUT I was attracted to the free and the simplicity of blogger. But now that I have seen how much fun he has with his site, I started using it with my business site. And boy did I quickly learn that I liked it better. I did not, however, quickly make the switch which has come back to bite me because for some reason I can only import the first 150 posts. Not sure how I’m going to get the other 80 or so in here other than hanging onto the blogger site for posterity sake (which kinda stresses me out). It also made me aware that I forgot to celebrate my 200th post.
So I still have a plethora of things to post about including:
  • The Elder’s girlfriend
  • “Mommy I have a pattern”
  • Update on the Elder’s school
  • Update on the Younger’s school
  • Why I’m upset about Summer Camp (that just boils my blood thinking about it)
  • “I want to wear these all my life” (that’s just a stand-alone funny, not sure I have to blog about it!)
  • The fate of the playroom
Hopefully when school starts I’ll have time to a) work, and b) blog.
Thanks again for sticking it out with me. Go ahead and updated your links to you have to click a lot a lot a lot so that I can get my link love built up since all previous posts have been directed to blogger and blogger will not allow 301 Redirects (for those who just glazed over after reading that phrase, that just means a permanent web address change).

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