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Another Parent/Teacher Conference, Please

  • September 16, 2008 9:36 am

Yesterday The Elder received his first Yellow Card. It was also the second time he was sent to the CDC classroom to “cool off.” The first time it happened, I discussed it with The Teacher and we came to an agreement that we (me and The K Teacher and The CDC Teacher) need to make sure that The Elder doesn’t see the CDC classroom as a “reward.” The tricky part is that we don’t want him to see it as a “bad” thing or “timeout.” It is in his IEP for a reason, and not a bad reason.

The first time he was sent there he “worked” on the computer and read the Curious George book. i am afraid that he is assciating a meltdown with exiting to read books and play on the computer. We know what that means: he must tantrum to the point of throwing things to get what he wants. I sent an email to The K Teacher today hoping to meet with her.

Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 10:44 AM
Subj: RE: [The Elder]‘s day

Thank u for the update. It really helps me to know what happens. I know I can’t ask u to do that everytime but if as much as possible. It helps me plan what to focus on when I pick him up. I talked to [The Teacher] ab somethings and strategies for us to work on, me you and [The CDC Teacher]. Mainly we don’t want him thinking that cdc is a reward. Else he will act the way he did until he is sent there which just reinforces it. Perhaps we should talk in person. Could we schedule another conference? Since now we are seeing issues? Thx.


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Subj: [The Elder]‘s day
Date: Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:59 am


[The Elder] did fine this morning early (even when he had to correct his
journal). Shortly after that, we did workbooks as a large group. He
was fine until the last page. He decided that he wasn’t going to make
a lower case a. He had proven that he could earlier in the
workbook . He scribbled all over the page, threw his marker, and then
resorted to throwing shoes and socks at me. I helped him with the
first few and then wanted him to try the rest on his own. This is
when he got very violent (throwing, refusing, etc.) He went to his
CDC room to cool off and work on reasoning skills for anger.
Hopefully, this is over for today. He is working on his morning work
right now at his seat.