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Youngerese at its best!

  • September 23, 2008 3:09 pm

Today is The Younger’s follow-up appointment for his evaluation results. Well, he didn’t have to go, but The Hub and I met with The School Psych, et al (there were 4 total present, it felt like an IEP meeting).

Let’s back up to yesterday. I texted The Teacher to ask her to call me to discuss what we ought to do because he was doing so well at this MDO program. She suggested that I have a visit with The Director and The MDO Teacher. After all The Elder, loved his preschool (the one before the 4 he got kicked out of) but when I went to observe him, I noticed that, yes he did have friends…but they were all playing over there while The Elder was playing in the corner by himself. “Oh he is just the sweetest little boy. We don’t get any trouble from him.” They should have knocked on wood…

So I called and The Director said that she couldn’t but The MDO Teacher could. So I get there a little late (they didn’t charge me) and I sat down in his classroom. The first thing I loved is that when I got there, The Director made herself available for the first 10 minutes. I assured them that nothing was wrong I just wanted to ask some specific questions regarding The Younger.

They talked about how good and sweet he is. The MDO Teacher went through their routine from beginning to end. Very detailed – so there was no room for assumptions.

She said The Younger can pick out his name, he sits nicely on his mat, he’s attentive and follows directions and he is good at cleaning up, which was no surprise to us. When I taught him to bathe himself with a washcloth, as soon as he was done…forget those toy boats! and he started cleaning the shower stall with his washcloth! This is also the guy who got a fire engine and a playset of a broom, mop, dust pan, etc. Guess which one he plays with more. He also was more excited about the vaccuum cleaner I got for him at a consignment sale. “It’s my size!” is one of his favorite phrases. Now we can sweep our floors without hunting for the broom (which was always found in his room).

What was really funny was the clean up chart. They get a sticker each day that they help clean up. Check out his chart:

There were no red flags that got me worked up. I gave her a few things to look for, those things that appear age appropriate, but can linger a little too long. Like playing by himself, which she admitted that he does do sometimes. Also she said that he doesn’t really participate well in Music Class which is in the choir room with ALL the children instead of just his class of 6 or a combined 3-4yo class of 14 total. It’s EVERYBODY. So there might a little bit of anxiety in larger groups because she said he is fine in the classroom.

I made a point to let them know how happy he is with the program because he has huge anxiety of the unknown. To the point that he is a completely different person. But here, he feels loved and secure and I don’t have to hide from him in the mornings to get him to go.

“That is a huge compliment to you and this program.”

Then I asked The AP about gymanstics and the library because when I take him, it is meltdown city. But she said he is fine. So he only performs for me. This is the same guy who just a month ago (August 11) melted down for TWO HOURS at his evaluation before he recovered to be open to testing. He pulled he stripped naked and peed on the floor. It was very intentional, because the assessor said that it was in a perfect arch around him.

So today, I was slightly afraid that they were going to give us a diagnosis that is not appropriate. However The Teacher insinuated that we should take the services if they offer it to us because if we decline then we can’t go back. Even a year later…

Well, this morning we wake up to this:

After I put The Elder on the bus and The Hub went off to work. We decided to do a little art project. I was taking notes and snapping pictures the whole time so i wouldn’t forget just how hilarious this was.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

The Birthday Card

Me: Today is Ms Nanny’s birthday!
The Younger: Yeah, and tomorrow is Daddy’s birthday.
Me: No daddy’s birthday is on Saturday.
The Younger: Oh Daddy’s birthday is Saturday and tomorrow is MY birthday.
Me: Let’s make Ms Nanny a card

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Me: Can you make a face?Exhibit A-a
The Younger: That’s Hair.Exhibit B-a
Me: Where are the eyes?
The Younger: I can make a mouth…I’m drawing Daddy.Exhibit B-b
Me: Where’s his eyes?
The Younger: Oh, I can make eyes.Exhibit B-c
Me: Can you draw a picture of Ms Nanny?
The Younger: I can make a road.
Me: Oh ok.
The Younger: That’s not a garage…Exhibit A-bThat’s the garage.Exhibit A-c
Me: What’s that?Exhibit A-d
The Younger: Crashing…there’s lots of crashings.
The Younger: This is the garage.

Me: I think she will love it.
The Younger: WAIT! I not finished yet……there, I finished.Exhibit C-a
Me: What does that say, your name?
The Younger: No. says, happy birfday annie.

Exhibit C

Exhibit C


Enlightening Conversation

Me: Guess what? You have gymnastics today!
The Younger: I donwanna go gymnastics.
Me: But you love gymnastics (positive thinking)
The Younger: Gymnastics is BORING.
Me: Why don’t you like gymnastics?
The Younger: I be really sad…..I will miss you

Me: Do you like the feathers at gymnastics?
The Younger: No.
Me: Do you like the bubbles at gymnastics?
The Younger: No….Its BORING. (to the tune of “leave me alone already”)
Me: Do you like the trampoline?
The Younger: No…um, yes. (trick question I guess)
Me: Do you like the Bars?
The Younger: I donwanna go on big bar…is scary…I small…[The Elder] can go on big bar. He’s big. I small, mommy.
Me: Yes you are small. Do you like the balance beam?
The Younger: No, too scary.

Me: Well, [The Gymnastics Teacher] said you are SO good at the balance beam, and the trampoline, and the car, AND following directions.
The Younger: (immediately perked up) Heeeeyyyyy, I do directions at my school!
Me: Do you like school?
The Younger: No…Um YES I happy at my school.**Can you tell he is 3yo? No is the automatic answer to every question!
Me: What makes you happy?
The Younger: I not crying
Me: What do you like best at school?
The Younger: I don’t know.
Me: Do you like music?
The Younger: No
Me: Why?
The Younger: Cause I can’t talk.**He is SO my child! Except I like music class…
Me: Do you like story time?
The Younger: Yes
Me: Is it your favorite?
The Younger: No (to the tune of “duh”)
Me: Cleaning up?
The Younger: No (to the tune of “no, silly mommy”)
Me: What is your favorite thing to do at school?
The Younger: I like to……I like to……I like to…..Play! Outside!


All Boy
No Aspergers

Oops! Update—> The Hub’s birthday is on SUNDAY!! I thought the 28th was on a Saturday. I really did honey…honest! :)