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Find Out What Happened to Jen’s Blog

  • October 12, 2008 12:33 am

I was locked out! 8-O

Thankfully it wasn’t a server problem so everyone was able to read and comment but I couldn’t moderate first-time commenters to have it post. But thanks for the emails (and comments) and phone calls that I got with your concern of our whereabouts.

Looks like the lastest upgrade to the Open ID plugin was a bust (as discovered be The Hub). So I’ll have to find a different one but I don’t think anyone who is currently commenting is using it. As a matter of fact, someone with a blogspot address should see if it is taking your URL yet.

If you are wanting to Mr. Linky your post for this week’s Success Sunday, post it on the previous one.

Soooo much to update and journal on, including The Elder’s IEP meeting but that might take a while because I typed it up in my DayNotez in very raw form. A cut and paste would make NO sense to the General Public.

However I will give you an up-to-date quip.

Let me give a little bit of background information. Fridays are usually family movie night, but since last night The Hub and I went bowling for an event (I do better at the Wii though), we had to defer the movie to today. Well we were going to go to a party instead but they totally were NOT in the mood for a 45 minute drive to a party that starts about an hour before their regular bedtime. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about the potential chaos we might have endured! However they did start to lighten up (with some threats) enough to go ahead and watch a movie.*I guess I do too.I got some really cute popcorn holders ($1 each at the Target Hot Spot) and they eat a LOT less popcorn that way too*.

Now, The Elder has been SUPER sensory lately and licking everything.**Yet, this is the guy who won’t eat French Toast (GFCF of course) that has black spots on it. I try to explain to him that it was cinnamon, but I just get the “It’s barnacles! It’s boring!” typical response.He was even licking the inside of the VHS tape case before the movie even started. I’ve seen him licking his shoes, licking the legos, licking his brother, I mean, everything!

So when The Hub asked which movie we should watch, I replied, “Osmosis Jones, because it’s about germs.” If you haven’t seen the movie, it is half cartoon and half not. Bill Murray plays Frank, and his body is the “City of Frank” where germs, organs, bodily fluids, etc. are all animated and portrayed as a micro-universe or such. It is a very clever movie. Me likey witty.

Anyhoo, when the movie first introduces the above concept, you see Frank eating an egg that had fallen on the ground and the camera follows it down his throat. In attempt to explain that to The Elder I said:

Me: See? We are now going inside of his body.
The Elder: No, that’s not it. We are just watching.
Me: (I pause to enjoy my amusement) You’re right, I didn’t mean to be so literal.
The Hub and I make eye contact and snicker while The Elder continues to watch like nothing happened.

Maybe about 10 minutes into the movie I look at The Hub and say, “I guess this isn’t an kids movie” I look around and neither of them are paying attention to the movie. Either their back was to the TV or their head was inside a bookshelf or something other than watching the screen. From the very beginning The Younger was playing with a puzzle so he was never really engaged in the movie to begin with. I think he was just excited to have his own little popcorn box (which he knocked over and lost his popcorn and The Skipper Dog ended up partaking). The most exciting part to The Elder is realizing that Osmosis Jones is the same as Marty on Madagascar (Chris Rock).

The Elder: When is the funny part?
Me: (looking at him confused, but totally seeing his point) You don’t think it’s funny?

The Younger continued to work on his puzzle (the same one over and over again for most of the 90min movie) and The Elder started playing with the invisible ink and black light pen he got because we he sold for him at least 10 coupon books on behalf of his classroom. Then he started going through the VHS tapes and DVDs and pulling them all out. The Younger decided to join him.

By the end of the movie (I did prep them for the funny part at the end and they laughed hysterically as if they were waiting for that for years), all of the movies were off the shelves, on the floor, on the futon, etc. The good news is that there never was a meltdown and they never said “I don’t like that” or “Let’s watch a different movie.”

But they gave us some pretty strong hints…