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about Organization: Homeschool Workboxes

  • August 17, 2013 3:40 pm

So it’s been a year since I’ve posted… but not since I’ve blogged. My wordpress has been sick since its last update (which I’m sure is outdated ten-fold by now). But The Hub, amazing as he is, fixed it!! I’ve still got some cosmetics things to fix (one day). So I’ve got several backlogged drafts that will eventually get posted (in theory). But I’m posting this one now because I got multiple requests for it in threads.

Last year we started homeschooling and it was a whirlwind! And my house looked like that very tornado had struck it. We were so unorganized and I had so many noob issues that I put Organization on the back burner. This year I decided to simplify our curriculum and get my sanity house back. Introducing Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool! Over the Summer and this Fall we are transitioning to all EP courses (with the exception of a few subjects that are paid for and that we love love love!). After a long distance trip to IKEA in July, we have gone from complete chaos to organized areas of chaos. Still a work in progress – almost everything has a home, but I love how much more smoothly the regular school days go now that they can work more independently (simply because now they can actually find things!)

Today I’m talking about workboxes.

A workbox is a portable box (bin, bucket, basket, dishtub, drawer, crate, etc) used for storing or holding tools and materials for activities. You can organize them by activity, project, subject, or by hour, time of day, or even by location.

I purchased this 9-bucket lovely from the TROFAST series at IKEA. We ordered 2 of these online earlier in the year for The Brothers’ legos – yes, sigh, they have THAT many legos. I thought about snagging one of theirs for myself, but then decided that piles of school books and notebooks were far better than piles of legos. So I waited until I had enough saved to get my very own.


In addition to this, we also got the 4×4 shelves and attached desk (for me!) from the EXPEDIT series. Together they have rocked our homeschool world. The Younger would show off the office to our guests, announcing “Come look at our latest upgrades!”

We have the workboxes organized by subject and then they are organized on the shelf tracks by roughly the time of day we hit the subject.

Each Brother has his own READING bucket which holds his library books, reading logs, bookmarks, etc. (Looks like The Elder has a few “reading props” thrown in there as well.) The Elder likes to read in his room, so he just takes the whole bucket to his room and then when he is done he slides it back into its spot (in theory, but I know the habit is forming…I can feel it in my bones…never mind that I had to go bucket-hunting on his bed just to snap this picture…)


They also each have a MATH/WRITING bucket which is essentially their Easy Peasy and Life of Fred curricula. This is stocked with the LOF book they are studying, Math journal used for both EP Math and LOF, Writing journal (from Handwriting Without Tears) for EP English, a pencil (with their names and “Math/Writing” written on it in Sharpie to curtail the “I can’t find my pencil” syndrome), and their current week’s “packet” of printouts for EP.

The rest of the buckets are for “Group Work” or subjects they study together. Shown here is the SCIENCE bucket which contains their Science journals, scissors, glue sticks, and a “mommy folder” for the week’s printouts. Similarly, the rest of the buckets are organized for BIBLE/HISTORY, GRAMMAR, LANGUAGES (which is currently Latin and some Arabic), GROUP READING (which is just MY library bucket and also where I stash the library due date receipts).

So there you have it! That’s how we are using workboxes in our homeschool. It’s been working splendidly so far! There’s so much less visual clutter in the office, we can find everything we need when we want it, and best of all, they clean up after themselves!

How do you use workboxes in your home?


Here are some other pictures I snapped of systems that kept us afloat pre-IKEA era. I still rely on them heavily. I can blog about in the future if there’s any interest.

 20130815_143310 20130815_143349   20130817_104801