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about Knitting: What are boot cuffs?? (free pattern)

  • January 14, 2014 3:46 am

So a friend asks me, “Can you make boot cuffs?” And I’m all like, “What’s a boot cuff?”

Like a sock dickie or something?




I don’t see why not.


And I got to practice cabling which is fairly new to me. New in the sense that I’ve only done it on swatches and this one hat I made that rocks and I just realized that I haven’t posted it yet.


This yarn is a wool blend by Simply Caron. I used size 6 and size 8 needles (used a cord instead of double pointed needles), a cable needle, and a yarn needle.


  • Cast on 68 stitches and divide them evenly on your needles (use corded needles or DPN).
  • Making sure your stitches are not twisted before you join in the round.
  • Ribbing Rows 1-4: on smaller needles: k2, p2, and repeat around.
  • Increased Row: switch to larger needles and evenly increase by 4 stitches (or more if you like it slouchy. Just make sure the total number of stitches is divided evenly by 9): p3, k6, and repeat around.
  • Cable Row 1: p3, k6, and repeat around.
  • Cable Row 2: p3, slip 3 onto cable needle to the front, k3, k3 off the cable needle. Repeat around.
  • Cable Rows 3-8: p3, k6, and repeat around.
  • Repeat Cable Rows 1-8 at least 3 times. Then repeat Cable Rows 1-3 only once at the end of your desired length.
  • Decreased Row: decrease evenly by 4 stitches (k2tog), or by how many stitches you increased in the first place. Roughly follow the p3, k6 pattern around as you decrease.
  • Switch to smaller needles. Repeat Ribbing Rows 1-4.
  • Bind off and weave in ends with yarn needle.

What do you think???