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For those you prayed for the best…

  • December 16, 2008 1:26 am

Oh to have the attitude and strength of this man. It makes my woes look like bratty whining.

God is Good! My Love, my Princess, has gone to her etternal palace!!! :-)

I shed many tears in the last 3 months, but at the moment of her passing I have only joy!
Though we will miss her greatly here, at this moment I can think only of her and the joy she is being freed to – perfection and joy – the world she always tried to make reality here on earth!! :-)
No more pain, only joy. God is Good!! She’s finally with Him!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))

After recording every day of our kids lives on blogs, after all the joy and encouragement she has given and received online, it is so very fitting to record the end of her physical life here. :-)

Our life together has been a wondous love story, a great adventure, with many joys and many struggles – great expectations, great disappointments, and great joys! True life!!! Well lived!!

I wish I could go with her now, but I must first finish the work we started together.
The adventure continues – a new chapter begins.
Glory to God.

Protect Our Children!

  • September 15, 2008 11:02 am

I received this email today:


Karns student dies after fall off truck last week

  • August 29, 2008 2:10 am

I didn’t hear about this in the news because it was overshadowed by the shooting death of a local student. The S/L Friend told me about this. Because she works in the school system special education department, I consider her a pretty reliable source when she let me know that the student had autism.

Karns student dies after fall off truck last week
KCSO: Teen wasn’t treated until mother took him to hospital

By J.J. Stambaugh
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A 17-year-old Karns High School student who died from his injuries after falling from a pickup truck during a school activity last week apparently didn’t receive emergency medical attention until his mother picked him up from the school office and drove him to a hospital, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

E ric R. Law was one of four teenage boys who were riding in the bed of a 1995 Chevrolet S-10 going north in the parking lot of the Byington-Solway Career and Technical Education Center when he fell from the truck and struck his head on the asphalt about 2:40 p.m. Wednesday, a KCSO report said.

Law, a special-education student, lingered in critical condition at Baptist Hospital West until he died Monday morning, said his family’s attorney, Gregory P. Isaacs.

Law was apparently helping other students move furniture from one part of the campus to another under the supervision of their shop teacher when the accident happened, Isaacs said.

After the incident, Law was taken to the school office and his mother was called, the KCSO report said. When she arrived, she took him to the hospital.

The Sheriff’s Office wasn’t notified of the accident until 2:30 p.m. the following day when the school system’s security director, Steve Griffin, reported it, the report said.

Two school employees have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation, according to Knox County Schools spokesman Russ Oaks.

The employees were identified as David Boggan, administrator of the Byington-Solway facility, and Law’s teacher, Doyle Shultz. The Byington-Solway facility is part of the Karns High School campus, Oaks said.

“We do have an open investigation, and we are working in concert with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office,” Oaks said. “Once the superintendent feels we have complete and accurate information, then a decision will be made as to what additional action might be appropriate.”

Isaacs said his firm’s investigation into the incident already has raised some questions.

“Why were these students moving furniture at Karns High School in a manner that appears to violate state and local laws and potentially school policy?” Isaacs said. “Secondly, why did the school not contact 911 or other medical responders after he suffered closed head trauma? And, last, why did it take 24 hours to report the incident to law enforcement?

“Although our firm’s thoughts and prayers are with the Law family, we are aggressively pursuing answers to these very troublesome questions.”

The driver of the pickup truck, 17-year-old Cameron Hickey of Knoxville, wasn’t issued any citations, according to the police report. No drug or alcohol tests were administered after the crash, the report said.

Hickey and the three 17-year-old boys who were riding in the back of the truck with Law couldn’t be reached for comment.

Isaacs didn’t specify Law’s special-education needs, and the boy’s family declined requests for an interview through Isaacs.

Schools superintendent Jim McIntyre informed Knox County school board members about the student’s death Monday evening during their midmonth work session. He said counselors will be available at Karns for students.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the student,” he said. McIntyre called the situation “a real tragic incident and a tragic day for one of our families” and for the school system.

School board member Cindy Buttry, whose district includes Karns, said she was sitting in the office of Karns Principal Clifford Davis on an unrelated matter when Davis received the call about the student’s death. “We were all devastated,” she said. “Very sad. My condolences and prayers go out to the family.”

Griffin said the school system’s report won’t be available until it’s complete and its release is cleared by Deputy Law Director Marty McCampbell.

pdf version

Then it was this comment series that really broke my heart personally for what I have to prepare for:

Posted by factsonly on August 19, 2008 at 4:21 p.m.

Having experienced multiple losses in a short amount of time, I send great wishes of strength to this family that is probably numb right now. The hurting will come later, much later.

I have a special needs child that has taken several classes under Mr. Schultz. We have had many instances with no or very poor supervision and carelessness in the classroom but mostly in the shop area. We have repeatedly reported these concerns. I have even suggested if more supervision is needed – get it. The response was, the instructor should be able to handle his students.

Unfortunately special needs kids are picked upon. My child has Asperger’s Syndrome which is high functioning autism. He tries desperately to make friends. Instead, in the shop under Mr. Schultz, he was harassed and bullied by other students with this teachers acknowledgment. And still this teacher continued to do nothing. “Boys will be boys” was his response. Most of the students appeared to have no respect for this man. He continued to allow the obscenities and derogatory remarks to occur. My child witnessed chew/dip use in the shop area. A violation of school code. (end of part 1)

Posted by factsonly on August 19, 2008 at 4:23 p.m.

Part 2

Some of things that has happened to my child over the past 3 years in Mr. Schultz’s classroom have included:

– Having a staple gun held to my child’s head by another student.

– Harassed to the point that my child had no other recourse but to pick up a 6 foot metal pole to defend himself after trying to escape from the student. (Some of the other students think it is great fun to aggravate the idiosyncrasies of a child with Asperger’s).

–A student in class decided to start beating upon my child. My child had no idea why the student suddenly went ballistic.

–Once the police was called (not by me and I don’t know who called the police) because a student in this shop class went after my child. It took quite a while for the police to find the attacker. The school or police did not call me. Luckily my child had a cell phone and called me for help. Otherwise I wouldn’t have know about the incident until he was home. When I asked for protection – the school just told my son to go to the resource room and stay there until the attacker was found or instructed otherwise. After over a week my child was still in the resource room… the reason? The school forgot to tell my child it was alright to go to shop class. So a week of learning was missed in that shop class. Later I found out the attacker was in ISS the whole week. But at the time the principal was pregnant and delivering prematurely her baby. So my son slipped through the cracks again. – The school forgot to tell my child the attacker was in ISS and the it was ok for my child to go back to the class. So week of instruction was missed.

Posted by factsonly on August 19, 2008 at 4:24 p.m.

Part 3 (last one)
–Last incident was having horse play in the shop area. The game was “Cup Check”. This involves a few (unruly) students grabbing the genitals of other (non-participating) students. This is highly inappropriate. In a work environment (as vo-tech is supposed to prepare the students) it would call for immediate disciplinary action. In an effort to not have the genitals grabbed, touched, fondled, etc, my child picked up a lawnmower handle to keep these students away from himself and his genital area. The student was determined to complete the mission and whipped the handlebar. This in turn hit my child’s hip. Luckily there was an electronic devise in his pocket that protected his hip joint. Unfortunately there was enough force that the hit completely destroyed his metal device. I have been trying to resolve this matter. A simple “I’m sorry” and understand how dangerous this horse play is from the child would be sufficient at this point. Supposedly the parents of this child knew about the incident and have not responded. It’s been over 1 year. If my child had done anything remotely wrong, a verbal and written apology would be required as well as replacing anything damaged in addition to his restriction. If the parents don’t have $$ to replace or partial good will offer – fine, but an “I’m sorry” and an understanding of how dangerous this horse play can be is essential to becoming an adult (IMHO).

All the best parenting is great, realizing it is diversified. I may expect much more from my child and others. That is OK. But there is an issue of safety that I have brought up countless times at Karns HS with no resolve. Just “we are working on it”. Which doesn’t mean squat after this amount of time.
Unfortunately this incident with E ric Law doesn’t surprise me. BTW My son knew E ric. He was a good kid.

Hopefully things will change the slow wheel of progress. More importantly good common sense is needed. Remember there are wonderful teachers at Karns. But it only takes 1 to be the weakest link in the chain. Just though you would like to hear from a parent with another set of incidences that are passed over. BTW, my child wants nothing to do with shop after his experiences.